Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Kins loves pumpkins. She absolutely loves them. All colors, shapes, sizes, even rotting stem pumpkins appeal to her. I honestly fell in love with pumpkins today too. It is true what they say, children make you see the world all over again in such a new way. I saw pumpkins through a whole new set of eyes. Never would I have imagined myself spending almost two hours at a pumpkin patch, and never would I imagine saying, "I want that pumpkin and that pumpkin, and oooo, that pumpkin! Oh my gosh, look at this pumpkin!" They truly are amazing...vegetables?...are they vegetables?...they have seeds...are they fruit?... no squash...they truly are amazing squash.

Kins loved her wagon ride through the pumpkin farm, loved walking on her two new found limbs, her legs, (by the way she is an amazing walker now), enjoyed rummaging through the hay barrels, climbing on pumpkins, picking up pumpkins (while standing I might add), got a kick out of the scare crows, and climbed a hay barrel pyramid. All in all, it was such a fun day. And because of this success, we will go to another pumpkin patch on Saturday, with Kins' favorite person in the whole world besides me (; , her Nana!


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