Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Making Friends

Kinsley was invited to her first birthday party the week after her own birthday party. I was excited that Kinsley was begining to start the process of making friends. I have always longed to say to some one about a friend, "ya, her and I have known each other since we were babies." Perhaps Kins can say this about her new friend Kailey.

I read something however, actually it was out of a Focus on the Family book, that told me children ages 1-2 don't grasp the concept of friendship or caring for anyone else other than themselves for that matter. They are completely self absorbed, unknowingly, and only care about how things affect them. If this is the case, Kinsley can't make friends right now. Have all those play dates been put to waste? Perhaps the play dates were more for me, as they gave me something to do and a chance to use my adult language. Although Kinsley is unable to be a friend to someone right now, I still think it is beneficial to introduce her to others like her; meaning people that are her size, walk and talk like her, and who are just as self absorbed.

Photos of Kins and her (non) friends at the birthday party...

So cute huh?

After writing this, I had to self-absorbed just for laughs.  The main meaning is "thinks very highly of ones self." I think babies are entitled to think this however. They will spend their entire lives being beaten down by everyone and everything outside their home. This is their only time they have to be self absorbed.

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