Friday, October 8, 2010

Bravo Mommies

Yesterday was an unusual day. Kinsley's Nana watched her for close to 5 hours while I went to town on my home. I cleaned everything that I have been neglecting since Miss Kinsley was born. And I still could have done more. I have yet to put away all my maternity clothes and I should get rid of a lot of my pre-mommy attire. Perhaps I will save that for another day when Nana comes to the rescue once again! How do us Mommy's find time to do all the cleaning, all the cooking, all the dishes, all the dusting, toilet and bath tub cleaning, organizing, and laundry, and still raise children who feel loved, taken care of, special, and important? I'm not tootin' my own horn here, but well done all you stay-at-home mommy's! We just do what we have to do, huh? And thank God for Nana's too! :)

100% off topic but these photos melt my heart. Kinsley absolutely adores dogs; this one happens to be Kins' Uncle Ryan's dog, Reese. She sees him often and have quite the bond with each other.


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