Sunday, October 3, 2010

1st Brithday - Pink Lemonade

Kinsley's first birthday was a great success; friends and family came out to celebrate her and join in on our celebration as being parents and surviving the first year as a new family. It truly was and is our most proud accomplishment; raising a little girl and nourishing a new family in sometimes hard and stressful circumstances. Kris sure is gone a lot, but he has to be, as our decision for me to be a stay-at-home mother is very important to us. But when we do see him, life is bliss. Kinsley is for sure a "Daddy's girl," and adores the family time we have together. That was a little bit of a tangent, but I will get back to the party.

As you all know, I was planning Kins' first birthday since before she was born. I always had such spectacular visions of what I would have liked for my first birthday, so I had to give that to someone who is now more important than me, (lol) my Kinsley. And frankly, I just love throwing parties. I love all the planning, buying, decorating, and brainstorming involved in the process, and I absolutely love seeing my vision played out in person. It was such a fun and sometimes exhausting birthday party to throw, but as the mother of Kinsley, I have to say she is so worth the stress.


 The Beverage table containing the fresh squeezed Pink lemonade, Izze Sparkling Juice (which was all drunken by the time this photo was taken), wine and greyhounds for the adults and of course details.

The desert table that I had dreams about for a good two months before the party happened. This was also taken after people had helped themselves to the desert, but still beautiful nonetheless. -Cupcakes, lemon bars, meringues, lolly pops, strawberries, and Kins' very own smash cake. -

Toppers from Mon Tresor - An adorable company located in Australia. Cupcakes made by Jen Barry of Barry Cupcakes. So yummy!

Kinsley's very own cupcake, made just for her. It melted just a bit after the outdoor party.
Kinsley's remnants of her smash cake. FUNFETTI!!!

Kinsleys' lemonade stand made from a wooden crate and fence posts. It was a weekend project for Kris and I, and for me, I think it makes the party! It definitely something we will save.
Kins and her Tita!

Highchair decor.
Kins and friends playing in her birthday sandbox. Among all the decor, it was very necessary to have something the kiddos can get into.

Lemons, lemons, and more lemons, the toy of choice among the three baby girls!

Lemonade Stand moments caught on film!
All our amazing friends and Family!


Her first smash cake experience... She was not too fond of getting her hands dirty. Besides being exhausted and overwhelmed from the days festivities, she certainly did not want to dirty her hands and her adorable dress. I swear if she could speak, she would have said, "come on Mom and Dad, are you SERIOUS?!!!!! As soon as she got into the bath tub to wash off all the funfetti, her mood lightened up and she was back to her usual smiles. Such a great party. Happy Birthday sweet girl. We Love You!!!

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