Monday, October 25, 2010


Beach days always make me happy, Kins too. Her favorite thing today at the beach was seaweed pods. You know those little pods that fall off of the seaweed, the ones that look like a shark egg sack? She loved seeing how many she could fit into her little hand and enjoyed collecting as many as she could find. We stumbled upon a sand castle that had been previously made, and not to my surprise, she destroyed it. And she got closer to the water than she had ever allowed herself before. For whatever reason, she is not fond of the ocean water, but we'll keep working on it. If she truly is mine and my husbands child, she will eventually like it.

Love to capture my Kins and all her new experiences...


 Check out my lady bug!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Excuse her hair. My babe is sick, keeps rubbing her nose, and spreading snot all over her face and hair. Time for a hair cut I think, but I just had to pin her hair as far back as I possibly could so her hair wouldn't harden with old boogs.  YUCK!!! The life of a mom, huh? Turns out I am sick as well, Kins gave it to me, but that is A OK. I can't stop kissing my Kins and eating her already chewed up food that she takes out of her mouth to give to me just because she is sick. She is so sweet to offer her kisses, puckering her lips and leaning in for a big smooch, and her food; her sharing is remarkable. Yes it may sound a bit gross, but I feel bad rejecting her adorable behavior. When she is older I will explain to her though that we are not birds, and we do not feed each other our regurgitated food. lol!

As for her 3 scrapes around her eyes, they all each have a story; well two have one story and one has another. The first "owie" under her left eye was due to a fall out of her crib. In a bit of hysteria, (we are letting her cry it out now, since her night wakings are still between 4 and 5 times) she managed to climb her way over the crib railing, fall, and hit her under eye on a toy at the bottom of her crib. My husband and I could not believe she had the strength to do what she did, but needless to say, we dropped her mattress to its lowest level and are considering a toddler bed. The other two were from a little girl at the mall playground. My hostility towards this little girl is rather intense. Other children fell victims to her aggressiveness as well, so I have to include in my story that she was a rather large/overweight baby. She ran full speed towards Kinsley, landing on her face. She clawed her eye as she tried to push her "hefty" body up to her feet. It all happened too quickly to really do anything about, so unfortunately, Kinsley has some battle wounds because of it. Instead of the girl receiving some sort of discipline for her actions, her dad gave her a drink of soda. I guess I shouldn't expect anything less than this from a mall playground. 

Lets hope the mishaps subside and Kins and I can get over this sickness hump. Get better my Sweets!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Then and Now

Wow, this makes my eyes a bit teary. She is such a big girl now! I might have lost a few pounds since then and Kris grew some facial hair...Check these out from last October.



Memory Lane - Faulkner Farms

Pumpkins seemed to be the theme this week and weekend. I guess that's okay since Halloween is quickly approaching. And it is so much fun to enjoy all the festivities, hopefully making new traditions along the way for my Kins. Kins' Auntie Erin came down from SLO for the weekend and was able to join us, along with Kins' Grandpa and Nana, to Faulkner Farms Pumpkin Patch in Santa Paula. This place was my annual pumpkin patch that I attended as a child, so to bring Kins was extra special. Kins went on her first hayride which always excited me as a child, and enjoyed a corn field maze, giant sunflowers, more pumpkins, a haystack pyramid, and the gazillion people who were there.

Never knew I was such a festivities kind of girl, but with a little one, how could you not introduce her to all these wonderful things!!!


Friday, October 15, 2010

Chasing Dogs

Kins loves chasing "dogs." "Dogs" are her favorite thing, besides dogs of course. Dogs are more fun to her as they are more interactive, cuddly, and eat out of her hand. These "dogs" just run and fly away, but they sure are fun to chase.

p.s. all animals are "dogs" (her only vocab word)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Kins loves pumpkins. She absolutely loves them. All colors, shapes, sizes, even rotting stem pumpkins appeal to her. I honestly fell in love with pumpkins today too. It is true what they say, children make you see the world all over again in such a new way. I saw pumpkins through a whole new set of eyes. Never would I have imagined myself spending almost two hours at a pumpkin patch, and never would I imagine saying, "I want that pumpkin and that pumpkin, and oooo, that pumpkin! Oh my gosh, look at this pumpkin!" They truly are amazing...vegetables?...are they vegetables?...they have seeds...are they fruit?... no squash...they truly are amazing squash.

Kins loved her wagon ride through the pumpkin farm, loved walking on her two new found limbs, her legs, (by the way she is an amazing walker now), enjoyed rummaging through the hay barrels, climbing on pumpkins, picking up pumpkins (while standing I might add), got a kick out of the scare crows, and climbed a hay barrel pyramid. All in all, it was such a fun day. And because of this success, we will go to another pumpkin patch on Saturday, with Kins' favorite person in the whole world besides me (; , her Nana!