Monday, January 31, 2011

Erin and Chris - Happily Engaged

I had the pleasure of photographing my sister Erin and her fiance Chris' engagement session. It was such a great day; beautiful weather, lighting, and an absolutely beautiful and radient couple. Chris and Erin seemed so in love this day; I feel lucky to have captured it. Can't wait for their BIG DAY!!!!! Here are some of my favorites! How HOT is this couple?????!!!!!!!!!

I took Kinsley for the first time to The Clubhouse Funzone last friday. She thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we will definitely be going back again. Both the train table and ball pit were brand new experiences for her.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

All the Things She Loves

 Her teddy's- She loves dancing for them and feeding them all of the "num-num's" with her tea spoon

 Relaxing- picking her feet up and eating Cheerios with Dada

 B. Toys

 Bubbles- although she is not able to create bubbles, she sure does love trying.

 Pushing her shopping cart- no joke, she pushes it everywhere.

 Shoes... just like her Mama

 Her friends and neighbors Amy and Andrea - they are so good with her.

 Exploring her curiosity- looking at the water through the cracks in the pier.
 Music- oh, does she love music. If I could describe Kinsley in one phrase it would be "Born for music."

Monday, January 24, 2011

Another Month Older

16 Months. YIKES!!! They grow so fast, with no sign of stopping. Happy 16 Months sweet girl.

The usual is cupcakes. Kris and I, on her month birthdays,  go to a specialty cupcake store and buy what we think is her favorite cupcake. This month, (oh I can't bear to say it), I forgot. I forgot about my little one's 16 month birthday. So these photos are in fact a day late. I am almost sure she looked the exact same as the day before, no taller or cuter, just the same. :) But because this Mama forgot, I was not prepared and I was forced to make due with whatever I had; chocolate truffles. Oh well, they were delicious!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

What I Am Working With

Just to fill you in, I have four pieces of equipment that I use. I baby three of them like I do Kins, but I do not love them as much... :) I just really, really, really like them. I shoot Nikon; always have, always will. My hubby got me a Nikon D90 for Christmas, and is just perfect for me. I primarily shoot with my 50mm 1.8 D Nikkor lens. I have two others in my lens collection including a standard run-of-the-mill Sigma 28-70 1:2.8. It was from way back when I shot film photography (old). I use this sometimes when I need complete ease and my Kins is moving really fast. Lastly, I have my Nikkor 50mm 1.2 lens, handed down to me by a great uncle. It is truly amazing, and I still have yet to discover all it has to offer.

 Now that that is out of the way, PHOTO time! Kins moved from popsicles, which she did not really enjoy all that much, to lolly pops. Her techniques while eating these are pretty hilarious, as her ability to swallow the pop flavored saliva in her mouth is non-existent. Red spit drips from the end of her stick, dripping all over her cloths and shoes. The life of a child, I swear, is so much fun!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Water Baby

My girl loves her bath time. All I have to say is "want to take a bath?" and she is off and running to the tub.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Blog Facelift

I have decided to part ways with my "talk about my day" blog and venture in a new direction. Since I can hardly find time to write a sentence, let alone an entire detailed story, I thought I might change my happenings blog into a more photography based blog. The idea surfaced while reading up on the "modern photographer" and I couldn't help but notice almost all them them suggested blogging about your photography, methods for shooting, work flow etc. They say it is important to show your work, and put yourself out there, allowing others to disapprove, make fun of or even giving others a chance to like something. I get this so... if in doing so allows me to better myself and my work, I am all for it.  I will of course keep myself and Kinsley as the main subjects, okay mostly Kinsley with a few appearances by "Da-Da." Really the only difference is that the stories will be shorter, and the photos will be larger!!!!!

Starting with Photos #1 and #2. Kinsley's first popsicle. Kinsley had just endured about an hour of "fend for yourself" as Kris and I did some deep cleaning around the house. I was so proud of her job well done, as her ability to play on her own is getting better and better. Her reward; a popsicle from who better than the ICE CREAM MAN!!! (yes, we live in a neighborhood where the ice cream man makes a daily appearance)