Thursday, April 15, 2010

Every Day I Love You

I have really enjoyed getting to know this incredible blogging world that exists out there. It is such an amazing way for the world to get to know each other and for like-minded people to share their experiences and stories, especially us stay-at-home-moms whose only conversation of the day is to a wonderful human being who can't understand a thing. After reading other blogs out there, I realize that although most blogs have one set theme, many deter from it every now and then, to share other passions, hobbys and things of inspiration. After all, us mommies should have other interests, besides our babies.  Don't tell them though.

For the good first 6 months of Kins' life, I felt guilty if I were not spending every waking second of my time with her. If she were not being held by me, laughing hysterically, playing with her toys, or learning in some capacity, I felt I was not doing my duty as a mother. I have realized very recently that doing "my own thing" every now and then is really okay and actually very healthy. Kins is learning to be more independent while playing on her play may by herself, self discovery just might be her most important lesson - and I get to take hold of my sanity. Just 10 minutes a day is all I need, which is why I am so excited about this "blogging thing." 10 minutes of "breath, blog, glass of wine", and done. Ready to go again strong with my ever so rambunctious little one.

Now that I have completely gone on a tangent, back to my point. I want to occasionally post things that I love besides my Kins. And today, interior design is on my mind. I can't wait to create an amazing home, filled with amazing things. I realize this takes money to accomplish, so until then, I will vicariously live through these photographs of some amazing spaces. And know Kins, that although I am talking about something other than you...

I love chalkboards. I love the idea of beginning something and being able to erase whenever you feel justified. I would love to give Kins a giant wall of black to draw on.

Below, I am loving these two color combinations. Sea foam green and vibrant yellow and magenta with sea foam green.  If anyone can tell me where to find these curtains, I will forever owe you. I love them.

I find beauty in the details, even down to a spice rack. And although there is nothing particularly special about this rack, everything seems well placed and homey. Same with the shelving. Wacky but absolutely beautiful. Because of those shelves, everything has a home.

And who wouldn't love this child's room. He/she seems to have everything in it. What a fantasy. Very eclectic and sheik at the same time.

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  1. One more comment and I swear I'm done! Kristin I really think you should pursue interior design. You have an eye for color and color combos. And i even think that you can create more beautiful creations than these photos. Use them as inspiration and go with it!!! You are super creative especially with things for Kins!!! What about interior design for babies?!! Start an etsy account where you sell some of your things!! I'm serious!! Go for it! I'll watch Kins while you create!!!!!!!! you can drop her off in slo! :)