Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One of Those Days

So... this past Saturday, HOLY COW. It was an absolute day from hell. It all started in the early, early morning and never got better. Thank goodness for Kinsley, I had to keep it somewhat together for her sake; had it not been for her, I would have ran far, far away and never looked back.

It all started with the “misplacement” of my keys, although Kris would like to call it something else, carelessness. Misplacing your keys usually isn’t that big of a deal, especially when you know you just had them, and all you have to do is retrace your steps. However, tackling taking care of baby plus searching for your keys makes for an abundance of screaming, cussing and hair pulling (on yourself of course, not on the baby). Needless to say, I lost them early Saturday morning. I NEEDED them. Here’s why... I had a volleyball tournament. Kris left early, to begin coaching my girls. I coach for a club team, but Kris helps out all the time, and since I was absolutely exhausted from a night of zero sleep, he offered to get there on time to warm them up. I was going to be right behind him, as all I wanted was 30 more minutes of shut eye time. And I did, it was great. I get up, get all ready, get Kins ready, and pack my car. I had my keys there obviously, to open my car, but my recollection of events that occurred after wards with my keys had vanished by... well... rushing and trying to get Kinsley out the door. I went back and forth between my house and car at least 5 times, all with Kinsley attached to my hip, convincing myself that I had not looked hard enough. After about 45 minutes, I had given up. “Oh well.” I said. “Guess I won’t be going to my tournament.” I had resolved in my head a rather ridiculous theory as to what might have happened to them. I had left them in my car door, some jerk-off must have seen them, snagged them, and is now circling the neighborhood waiting for me to leave the house so he can enter my home and take all my belongings. That had to be what happened. I looked everywhere! Although I resolved to just stay home, I was still retracing my steps... “What did I do after I packed the car?” Instantaneously, after asking myself that question, a little voice in my head or who I like to call God said “mouth wash.” I opened the cupboard where the mouth wash was housed and there they were, I looked at them like gold at that point. Who knows, apparently I thought I would remember setting my keys down in the linen closet. I made it to the tournament, finally, just to lose to not only a rival team, but an all boys team who seemed to have just picked up a volleyball yesterday.

Amongst many other unmentionable hellish things that happened, I went on to lose my keys two more times. WHAT A MESS OF A DAY!! Thank God it is over.

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