Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I'm sure anyone with a baby or 6 months old or greater can say, there is something that happens at that 6 month mark, some shift or change in your baby's behavior, perhaps a new milestone, personality alteration, etc. For me, it seemed month 5 day 29 was undeniably different than month 6 day 2.  Besides Kins' super baby strength and her "too cute for words" smile, everything changed drastically.   At first I thought it was all coincidental, but seemingly all changes occurred after her 6 month check up with, count them, 5 vaccinations. As a new mother, you can't help but buy into the already dis-proven links between autism and vaccinations (although a friend comforted me with the understanding that it was the month 13 combination of vaccinations that were under suspision). On the morning of her 6 month, day 2 birthday, all this "newness" began. Babbling, clingyness, bouts of screaming joy when excited beyond belief, a new found confidence and independence to explore her world...she already wants out of the house...
 All this accompanied by head-bobbing, "na-na-na's," and deliberate attempts to get what she wants, I found myself asking "Is this MY KINS?" It is all wonderful, but boy do they grow up so fast. I can hardly keep up with all her milestones. I want to cherish them longer. I find myself having to ask her if I can hold her like a baby, cuddling her in my arms. But I know this is nearly impossible, since she spends all her days now wanting to get somewhere. Between crab crawling, regular crawling, standing, sitting, wrestling, jumping, and pulling herself on almost everything, I have to let go that she will be a cuddly little baby forever. But... Oh how I love my Kins!!! My husband Kris made a comment the other day about the sacrifices of parenthood. You do truly sacrifice everything for your little one. But it doesn't feel that way, sacrifice I mean. I love giving Kins everything I have, playing all day long with her. Yes, it can be trying at times, but I want nothing more in this world than to give my Kins the best life possible.

Speaking of great sacrifice, yet no comparison to the one God made for all of us; EASTER.
Kins had her first Easter, and although no Easter egg hunts were to be had, she received two Easter baskets, books and toys, but most importantly, she got to wear a cheesy pastel Easter dress, although I have to admit, hers was subtle compared to others I had seen that day! We paired it with a vintage (or should I say "hand-me-down") yellow hoodie to tone down the cheesyness, she looked absolutely adorable.  Really couldn't have been a better day! Thanks to all those that shared in it!

Whew, it had been a while since I blogged. I feel better!!! Until next time...

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