Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cribs - For Sleeping or Playing?

I shot some pretty cute photos of my Kins the other day. The good news is she absolutely loves playing in her crib. Falling doesn't hurt, therefore she has no fear to jump and climb as aggressively as she like to. Bad news is, I might have conditioned her to associate her crib with playtime. No sleeping, as of yet, has happened in this crib. Oh well, I look at this case as a lesson. You better believe my next child will be sleeping in his/her crib from day one,  and not in our bed. Besides, we can't be the only couple with their 6 month baby in the "grown ups" bed with them. At least that's how I will rationalize this to myself.

The bottom photo is by far my favorite photo face from Kins. I have captured many expressions like this, and still have no idea what my Kins is doing or thinking when this expression happens. 

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  1. I think she is feeling so much excitement its just too overwhelming!!! Shes like, "im so happy but, why am i so happy and why is there always a camera around when i'm so happy?" So adorable Kristin I am loving reading your blog!!!!!