Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Fairest Fairy

 Kins was a beautiful fairy for Halloween. I think she knew it too. When those fairy wings went on and the bow in the back of her tutu was tied, her walk changed almost immediately into a strut. She seemed proud to have those wings. All the turns and stares, smiles and waves, and "ooo, look at the fairy" from everyone she passed by seemed to really up her self esteem. She first wore her costume to her The Little Gym Halloween party on Friday, the 29th. This is when she felt most proud to be a beautiful, pink fairy.
 We hung out at our house the morning of Halloween, the 31st. We dabbled in some chalk art and Kins enjoyed posing with her very own pumpkin. She would pick it up with both hands, take three or four steps with it, then drop it to watch how far it could roll.
 Then we ventured to the beach, where Dada helped get all of Kins' energy out. We knew she would have to be extra tired to get the two hour nap we were hoping for. It was going to be a late night, so she had to rest up!

 Up she woke from her almost two hour nap, hoorah!! and off we were to the first part of our Halloween festivities at my parents house. Kins absolutely loves it over there. Her Auntie Erin was the most remarkable owl. Kins got a kick out of her face paint and enjoyed trying on parts of her outfit. After dinner and all our costume changes (minus mine and my husbands - who has time to dress up with a baby?), we took off to the next and last part of our evening where candy, appetizers, drinks, decorations, and family were plentiful and great!

We arrived at my Aunt Kathleen's and put on Kins wings and tutu once again. Her immediate strut was apparent and her seemingly proud smile was back. She tried the whole trick o' treating thing. She was not so fond of the first two homes, but by the third she realized (I think) what it was all about, and that if you knock, someone will come and put something in your candy pail. My husband and I expressed profound amounts of excitement when the candy fell in her pail so that she knew there was something pretty amazing going on!

It was so much fun, once again, to experience this fallen holiday for me, through a child's eyes. It brought the Halloween spirit back for me and I am excited to say, I can not wait for next years Halloween.

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