Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A day & night ALONE?

We had a night alone! Husband and wife, together, alone together, with no baby! I had had a night out (2 hour night out) prior without Kins to celebrate my girlfriends birthday, but Kris and I still needed to connect as a couple. Sunday was the day and night. Starting at 4, Kris and I got to kick up our feet, listen to some music, have a couple of drinks, and hang out with fun friends. Dinner was nice and relaxing as well. We sure do appreciate and love dearly my Mom and Dad/Kins' Nana and Grandpa. They allowed this evening to be possible and we thank them so!

Evidence this actually happened and was not just a dream...

 Kris seems pretty stoked!
 Watermark Lounge - Ventura, CA
 We imagined we were in another country, some far away country.
Kicking up our feet! So nice.

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  1. Kristin - glad you and Kris enjoyed your "time off". We all need it sometimes! Love, Dad