Thursday, November 11, 2010


All these photos, yes, are random, and don't seem to go so well together, but as I am sure you can all gather from my blog thus far, I love to take photos, and I take them all the time, every hour, sometimes every half an hour. All are quite candid, and rough, without any editing, but are too dang cute not to post.

Two photos in particular, I have to comment on. Note: the photo of her back, the one with the knit bloomers...those were mine. I found them in a box up in my parents rafters. They were in a bag full of my most favorite stuffed animals, hidden away, probably never expecting to ever be worn again. They were too cute not to pull and of course Kinsley had to wear them. So I put them over pink tights, don't ask me why, and she sported them like a vintage champ. Kris, my husband, bit his tongue the whole day, as he was not too fond of the look, but he went along with it as he noticed I loved the outfit sincerely.

The second photo worth noting is the one in which she is in a red car. Yes, this is the mall marry go round, and I did indeed subject her to it, for photo reasons and that alone. Turns out she loved it. After her first turn was over, she pointed to the money slot and I knew she wanted to go again. Another dollar went in. 1 minute later it was over. I had no more money and I felt awful that I didn't. She could have gone 10 times.

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