Saturday, November 13, 2010


Within a flash, this came to me. Our inner child, our baby /toddler/child-like qualities all are in us: deep within us. We have ties to our child-like qualities and we hold a place in our hearts for our inner child. Would you tell your child they are unworthy? worthless? selfish? lazy? Would you talk to them the way you sometimes find yourself talking to your spouse? After this thought entered my head, I immediately saw Kris as his three year old boy "self" wearing his short, bright red cotton shorts and knee-high rainbow striped socks. He had a bright smile that I am sure made everyone melt and a bowl hair cut to add that extra cuteness. I thought of telling that young boy the things I tell Kris (adult Kris) sometimes. I know fights are a common part of marriage, but sometimes you find yourself saying the rudest things. I would never forgive myself if I told Kris as a young, three year old adorable child the things that I tell him now.

What I learned from this "so called" ephiphany: 

I will not only look at my husband as a man, a great man, but as a young boy who deserves nurturing, attention, and validation. This is my prayer.

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