Tuesday, November 9, 2010

In a World So Big

Dear My Kins,

In a world so big, you, little one, sure are tackling it just fine. Things just don't seem to overwhelm you and you are so willing to explore and venture out, gaining hold of your independence. Your little legs are taking you far now, and you are able to see so many things. You love to smell the flowers, touch new textures, meet new people. You absolutely adore dogs and are always on the lookout. All new sounds intrigue you and all new sights interest you.  You wave "Hello" at everyone walking by with a pleasant, happy smile almost permanently attached to your face. Everything distracts you, in a good way, because you are just so curious. Following mama, or walking in a straight line is just not something you are capable of yet, but that truly is okay with me. Everything you are seeing and experiencing is brand new, and you have to see it. Another mommy told me that it is a one year olds only job to explore; explore through touch, sound, taste, sight. I would have to agree. And I am so happy to let you do so.

I had so much fun yesterday watching you explore downtown Ventura and the Ventura pier on foot. I set you down on your two little feet and you were off. You peered in every window and walked in every open door. You touched every newspaper carrier, put your hand in every water pipe belonging to each building, touched every tree and bike attached to it and picked up seeds and acorns you discovered on the ground. Everything is so exciting and amazing to you and I enjoy watching your excitement more than you will ever know. I love you my little, independent one.



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  1. What a beautiful letter to kins! She will cherish this so much when she's old enough to read and understand it! Your a great mom Kristin! Love you lots! Love you so much too Kins!