Thursday, May 20, 2010

8 Month Birthday

Oh, what a day! Kins is 8 months old and I don't see her slowing down on growing up any time soon. I feel like it was yesterday; I was at my computer, and I was uploading pictures and writing Kins' accounts of her 7 month birthday. Each and everyday she is doing, experiencing and saying something different. She loves peek-a-boo now. I put her in the middle of our bed, I get on the ground, and I crouch real low so she can no longer see me. When I sense that she has found me, I jump up and bark like a dog. Words can't describe the roar that comes out of Kins. She laughs so hard. I can do this for what seems like hours and she is thoroughly entertained. She prefers standing over crawling and sitting these days, which means she uses everything to pull herself up. Today she grabbed our curtains, I was right next to her but I had to see how she would pull herself up and remain on her feet without me interfering. It worked for a few moments, but moving curtains vs. sturdy walls as a support, well you know what would win. She fell down, but it was rather graceful, and not a peep came out of her after wards. She lowered herself very slowly while falling face first. She lifted her head as high as it would go, and her body hit the floor as follows; shins, knees, hips, stomach, then chest. It was as if she were practicing the beginning stages of the worm. I had to give her an A+ in falling, which is great because she sure does a lot of it these days. Watching a baby fall, I realize it truly is an art. It takes practice to do it correctly.

Anyways, Kins is now 19 lbs. She sat on our scale this afternoon, and although I realize this might not be completely accurate, she sure feels like it. My back and shoulders are feeling it these days. Who needs to lift weights when you have a 19 lb baby to pick up over and over and over and over again? She talks quite regularly, saying Da-Da, and Ma-Ma. Na-Na, gar-gar-goo-gar-gar and di-di-di are also part of her vocabulary. She loves interacting with other babies, and has formed quite a bond with a little girl named Haily at her My Little Gym classes on Fridays. She can be rough with some others though, and even made one little girl cry. I couldn't fault Kins though; 8 babies were in the middle of a giant parachute and were all extremely close to each other. It was so so adorable, I couldn't hold my laughs in, but what do you expect when curious babies who hardly ever come in contact with others like them, are put in the middle of a parachute? Something's bound to happen, and Kins was the one who made it happen. I have to throw in an LOL! She must have grabbed and scratched the little girls face, because she came out of the parachute screaming.

Her personality is becoming more and more apparent. She has so much love to give and her smile truly lights up a room. She is vivacious, playful, hilarious, curious, attentive, needy, stubborn and demanding. Heck, she is a carbon copy of me. Hope that is a good thing! :) Happy 8 Months BABY GIRL!!! I love you so much! 

I thought the 7 month pics of her with LEMONS were ever so adorable, so I wanted to make it a tradition. Birthday photos will include lemons from here on out.

Some other fun pics of her on her 8 Month Birthday!!!


  1. Such a sweet blog Kristin! I love the photo with the lemon and her tounge stuck out! I can;t believe she is already 8 MONTHS old!! It feels like we just had her 6 month party! You are doing such a great job with her Kristin! Love you lots! Happy Birthday Kins!!

  2. Erin, thank you. Such a sweet comment. I love doing these blogs, but even more, I love celebrating Kinsley! I want her to slow down with her growing!