Thursday, May 27, 2010

Imperfect = Perfect to me

I bet you were all wondering how Kins is so photogenic. You are probably saying she is the most beautiful and adorable baby in the world. And you have to be wondering how every photo I post is an absolutely perfect photo of Kins. Thank you for thinking this, but I do have some rather "un"-perfect photos of Kins too. And now you all are saying, "No, uh uh, no way, impossible, Kins is perfect." Well most of the time, but I am going to OUT our secret for the first time. She has some rather inglorious photos as well. We all have them, so I am not going to fault her for these, but I have to share. And I  must say, in all these imperfect photos, she is still the most adorable baby to me.

Hope this brings you a good laugh! Enjoy!


  1. You have a reader.ME hehe :) Kinsley is very cute. I have so many of the 'not so great' photos of my daughter and I just can't make myself delete them. I figure no one ever complains that they took too many photos of their child growing up! Some of the imperfect photos are my favorite because they capture my daughters personality better.
    Anyway- Congratulations on the baby girl. & the photo in the polka dot onesie with the cute grin is SO perfect, certainly not meant to go in the 'not perfect pile'
    ~Trisha (Smithson) Kyte

  2. Thanks Trisha, Ya I love the imperfect ones. Ad so true, It really does capture her true personality! Thanks so much for the comment! I love reading them. How old is you daughter?