Tuesday, May 11, 2010

To Pass the Time By...

There is only so much you can do for 13 hours with a baby all by yourself. Not that Kins isn't a blast to play with, but you Moms know how it is. M. O. N. O. T. O. N. Y is a word that comes to mind.  And it doesn't help when the hubby is gone from sun up to sun down, or later. So... my way of breaking that monotony up is photography. The word "photography" implies to me however that my photos must be great, that I am super deliberate and decisive in my choices of photographs to take. This couldn't be further from the truth as I just snap away, hoping I don't miss a single moment of Kins' amazing "many faces." So I will change my choice of the word photography to picture taking. I do a lot of picture taking.

Yesterday, I went to Target, my favorite store on earth, or home away from home, as I had to buy Butt Paste for Kins. Her diaper rash is slowly healing, as we switched her to good ol' Huggies after that Pampers Dry Max story came out. That really was all I needed, but who can just buy one thing at Target anyways? I can't help it, everything screams my name. I hope shopping isn't genetic, otherwise, watch out Daddy's wallet. I found these shoes and they are just about as adorable as shoes come.

Now to bring you back full circle, these shoes are what started my "picture taking." I found that Kins really loves the camera, and no I will not be a stage mom, nor will I ever consider any sort of modeling for Kins, but look at how she is posing. She sure knows how to "work it" in her bath robe and new sneakers. TOO CUTE!!!

Speaking of new things, my gift from Kris to me on Mothers Day was a standing mirror, something that I had been wanting ever since we moved in to our home, which was last April. We did buy a great standing mirror then, but on it's way home from Ikea in Pasadena, it decided to fly off our car, in the middle of the freeway. $100 down the drain. So ever since then, we have been on the lookout for one, and Kris found one, just in time for Mothers Day!!! Kins loves it too, so of course I had to do some "picture taking" with her next to it. And the last photo, which might I add, is the cutest pic of her to date, is with my NEW lamp or should I say lamp shade. See... she's even posing there! What a natural; a 7 1/2 month natural!

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  1. O....M....G... A Model in the making!!!!! I don't necessarily want that for her but...Up to you and her :) She is just the most beautiful human to ever walk the history of the world! That lamb shade is also to die for!! I had no idea your mirror flew off your car! What a fiasco! Sorry for so many comments! Love you lots xoxo