Monday, May 3, 2010

What is going on?

To add on to my list of Kins' new firsts, Kins crawled up the stairs yesterday, all on her own, with absolutely no provocation. I was off to the side, beginning to plant my tea tree I bought on Earth Day, (yes, I am a lager) and she just thought she would see what would happen. She was so confident about her approach. She knew what she wanted to accomplish, and she had to get to the top. She at first tried pulling herself up with her hands, then placing her feet on the next step. She quickly realized however that maybe her knees might be a better option. She pulled herself up with her hands on the top of the step while placing her knees on the bottom. She is SO SMART, and I feel she will be a great problem solver too. I stared at her is disbelief. I was dumbfounded, how did she know what to do? She got to the top so quickly. She went on to do it two more times perfectly. She has mastered the steps. So proud.

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  1. Yay Kinsley! Here's a cool article - maybe babies are smarter than we all realize...