Monday, May 10, 2010

Mommy Weekend

Almost 8 months ago, I had my baby girl Kins. It was a life changing day to say the least, as I had to put my life on hold for someone I had never met, nor did I even know. But I loved her. I had felt her move for 5 months, I had talked to her for 9 and I snag to her for 7. I was bonded to this little human being before I ever laid my eyes on her, but I knew that bond would intensify to something I had never experienced before. It really is incomprehensible. My very own baby girl in my arms. INCREDIBLE!!!!

It's a place where I pray she will remain my entire lifetime. I will forever hug her, kiss her, hold her tight, snuggle before bedtime, reassure her, take care of her, play with her, and call her my baby. She is my first and we will always share that special connection, I know it. I felt that connection yesterday on Mothers Day. It was incredible.

Now I know Mothers Day is meant to celebrate all the amazing Mothers out there and all the countless hours they invest into their children, (almost all of it going unappreciated), but I felt it should have been a day about Kinsley. Yes, I am a mommy, and it is so wonderful. But, Mothers Day doesn't mean anything if you don't have your children say it or express it. So I took yesterday as on opportunity to really hon in on what I need to do in order to let Kins know how very much I love her, so that next year or the year after I will get appreciation from her. It truly is up to me, to give Kins the life she deserves. Not that I haven't up until now, but I will more consciously make an effort to tell her how very much I love her; every morning, day, and night, and every moment in between.

Just a quick note, my Mom does this. She makes an incredible effort to make me, my sister, and brother feel so, so loved. Here are some photos of my incredible first Mothers Day yesterday! Happy Mothers Day to all out there, especially to mine! I love you!
My Mom/Kins' Nana (a very young Nana)

Some Mothers Day balloons brought by Kins' other Grandma named Tita.

 My mom, sister and Brother. My Dad/Grandpa (again, a young Grandpa) is down below.

My forever Family
and now...


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  1. What a touching account of mothers day! I completely agree that one will never know the true meaning of mothers day until they are a mother themselves! Thank you for sharing this special day and for including me in the family pics! Love you lots Kristin!