Sunday, July 11, 2010

As it quickly approaches...

Kins' first birthday is still on my mind, in a huge way now, as I am trying to develop some sort of theme. I think I am almost there, but as you all know, I want her 1st birthday to be absolutely perfect, so I am second and third guessing myself daily. I at first wanted a color scheme of magenta and robins egg blue as a theme, as you might recall from a previous blog I posted. But since I wont be able to paint any of my walls in my house these colors, I thought it might be wiser to go with something else. Kris and I went out in search of a theme on Friday. We started and stopped at Michael's when we found this incredible collection of the most beautiful paper. Designed by Carolyn Gavin, her paper is bright, bold, colorful, and full of cute and adorable illustrations, perfect for the kind of gal Kinsley is turning out to be: fun, bold, and quite colorful herself. I am pretty sure I will stick with Carolyn Gavin as our theme, I just hope she has enough decor, invitations, paper, artwork, decals, banners, hats, and streamers to support my crazy overbuying that is about to take place. Only the BEST for The KINS!!!


  1. I love that paper Kristin! What neat designs! If you need help in your fabulous creating process, I would love to help in any way I can! I say Banner and wine night part 2:)

  2. Oh for sure, I would love the help, it makes it extra fun when you are here! I can't wait to start, I am thinking about going to different thrift stores soon to start collecting vintage cake stands and cupcake holders for our desert table we are going to have!