Sunday, July 11, 2010

Catch up

Life is all about catch up, at least right now. I am never ahead of the game anymore. But as all you mom's out there know, it really doesn't matter, as your little ones of course come first.

I have been thinking about wishing you all a happy fourth of July for a couple of weeks now, so maybe I will follow through with this thought and just do it already. Hope your fourth was a great time. We, as in Kris, Kins, and I, had a fun-filled day. It was a great day to go to our local annual fourth of July street fair. We were accompanied by my mom and sister, bought random but beautiful things, ate kettle corn (yes Kins loves kettle corn), and played in a water fountain. We attempted to go to a museum, honoring to history of Ventura, but Kins had hit a wall by the end of it all and crashed on my chest on the walk back to the car. Those moments are so precious to me, as they never seem to happen anymore. It was a beautiful day, so we continued the celebration back at my parents house, where food and wine were plentiful, music was blasting, and the sun was shining. At the end of the day, I had in my head imagined how Kins would absolutely love fire works. She would ooo and ahhh and laugh and giggle with excitement. But it was late, and her day was long, so when I attempted to show her some street fireworks, performed by our neighbors, she shunned them instantly, digging her head in to my chest, giving me the sign that she MUST go to bed. Oh well, next year I am sure will be different. Happy late Fourth of July!!!

Fourth of July Photos

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