Friday, July 23, 2010

Another Month Older

10 Months Old! Double digits... Wow! 10 months sounds like such a big number. It was sad enough when I had to call her an infant after retiring the "newborn" name, but now infant doesn't seem to describe Kins at all. Baby almost seems too small of a word to describer her. What is she? She is my little girl little girl with a whole lot of personality. She is so much fun, and each month keeps getting better.

Kins, Kris, and I took a trip up to Santa Barbara to go back to what we call "Turtle Park" on her actual 10 Month Birthday. We played at the park, fed ducks her little puffs, went to farmers market; the weather was beautiful and Kins was in a great mood. Throughout it all, we were in search of a cupcake shop. We wanted to place a candle in it, sing happy birthday, and create some great photo moments. No cupcakes were found unfortunately, so my monthly photoshoot had to be postponed until a cupcake was found. Cupcakes are such the latest craze, I was surprised they weren't more easily accessible, especially in a place like Santa Barbara. Two days later, one was found, and although I had in mind a bright, colorful, sparkly one, this red velvet cupcake was going to have to do. And since she is in the double digits now, I felt it okay for her to dig in and enjoy this yummy sweet.

Enjoy the fun Photos... 10 Months Old!!!

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