Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Swim Lessons

I always knew Kins liked the water. Baths are always her favorite activity and has been that way for quite some time now. So when a friend informed me about these swim lessons being offered by our city, I knew I had to jump on them. It was day 2 today, and Kins is preforming rather well. All the babies and children in this class are actually quite brave, but because I am Kins' mom, I'll hype her up a little.

Like I had thought, Kins really does enjoy the sensation of the pool. She is so comfortable, confident, and at ease, smiling throughout the entire class. I already have her dunking her head under water. The instructors gave me a great trick; blow in the babies face, stunning them a little bit. This allows the baby to hold their breath for a second or two. They still inhale a little water, but not enough to cause any damage. Kins loved it and came up with a huge smile, licked her lips, batted the water off her eyes, and seemed to be asking for more. I just stuck with one dunk today; perhaps I will ease her in to the whole submersion process. She is also quite eager to get back in the pool when I place her out on the pool deck. I count to three as I hold out my arms towards her, and she falls forward in to the pool, I of course catch her. She giggles quite hard, and I repeat this over and over and over again. It is such a great 30 minutes that I get to spend with my Kins; I know she has a wonderful time too. I also can't deny that I love how tired she is after wards. Mommy get an hour to herself after she comes home. SO GREAT!!!

I took her bathing suit off, but here is a great picture of Kins posing after her swim class today!

And Kins and I... my little dark baby :)

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