Thursday, February 10, 2011

What a 10 Year Old Likes

Happy Birthday Lukey!!! Such a fun party full of rambunctious young boys full of energy and spirit. It was so great to capture these moments. These photos remind me of the movie The Sandlot. Obviously I know BMX and baseball are complete opposites, but all these boys reminded me of the Sandlot team, goofy, fun and a little bit of trouble. (click photos to enlarge)

 Had to throw some of Kins in the mix!!!!! "How did they do that?"

 So Sandlot-esque...

 Cute cousin Luke

This photo makes me laugh... my caption for this photo would be what the boys watching must be saying..."wow dude, that is serious air"... haha

 Luke's brother Austin - his passion

 Watching the contests


 One of the boys...

10 years old. What a good age to be!

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