Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day Full of Activity

These days, photography consumes me. My camera never leaves my side. I'm sure some folks (my daughter, husband, and local Venturans who think I am a tourist) get annoyed. My Christmas gift (the camera) reignited my passion for it, and to be honest it is nice to have something else to be passionate about other than my Kins Kins.

Here is a walk though of the countless activities we embarked on yesterday...full day but oh so worth it.

Kris obviously works, since I don't, so while he's gone making all the mula, Kins and I explore all day around our house and neighborhood, as it is her favorite thing. We stumbled across an accidentally opened door to a pool, so we allowed ourselves in to look around.

 The walk before discovering the pool...

Dada eventually came home, and as always I asked if he would like to "get out of the house" with us. I know he was thinking, "I have been out of the house all day, I want to be in it." But... he is a great husband so we left for downtown to catch some sunset lighting.

 My take on Anne Geddes... haha
 What is that thing growing on your face?

Rough housing with Dada...

 Eyeing the BMXer's, hoping to give them her flower.

We walked over to the mission, hoping to door was open again. Technically we are not allowed in without paying. I guess... don't leave the back gate open if you don't want rebels like us coming in. jk Dada even took some photos... he might have the "photography eye" too.

 With all we did, we got dirty; mostly Kins. Took this shot of her after her bath. Can you honestly tell me what 16 month old baby has this much hair. Geez!!!

Now it's on to the next day as we do it all over again, every day, for the next 18 years. I have heard this age is the easiest part of parenting (compared to the teen years). I have nothing to compare it to but... sometimes I wish for the years when I can have a real conversation with my child. Hopefully it's a pleasant conversation and not an "I hate you" conversation.

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