Friday, March 26, 2010

First Step into The Unknown World of Blogging

This is just another blog. One of the thousands out there. I'm just an ordinary 23 year old mom who really has nothing extraordinarily profound to say. I just thought I would try it out, and see what happens!!! But with all the blog hype these days, I quite honestly wanted to stay out of the whole "blog scene." Fortunately, something pulled me in. Perhaps, since becoming a mom, my need for creativity has been relinquished by changing diapers 10 times a day. Perhaps, I felt the need to document my daughters milestones and, to me, absolutely brilliant feats in her ever so short existence so far. Whatever the reason, I am quite excited to start this blog journey. Wherever it takes me, I have no idea, but I'll at least have it to show my hopefully proud daughter one day.

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