Friday, March 26, 2010


Good thing I have my Kins to take care of! Otherwise I would be on here all day long. It might be a little too much to ask of myself to write on my blog daily. I feel like it should be as authentic as I am. So when I am really feeling something to say, or find something that I can't not post, I'll do it. I think I have to set some limitations, because I have found myself searching for things to post and contemplating words to say all day long. Whew, exhausting.  

Going to Farmer's Market tomorrow with my hubby. We are loving trying new vegetables every week. And for whatever reason, I was pressed to make my own homemade babyfood, it seemed simple enough. Thanks to this website, it makes it all so easy. It suggests trying veggies first with your little one. Hope Kins' extreme dislike for anything other than breastmilk subsides soon. I can't wait to get her eating at our small yet perfect little family dining room table with us!

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