Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Blog Facelift

I have decided to part ways with my "talk about my day" blog and venture in a new direction. Since I can hardly find time to write a sentence, let alone an entire detailed story, I thought I might change my happenings blog into a more photography based blog. The idea surfaced while reading up on the "modern photographer" and I couldn't help but notice almost all them them suggested blogging about your photography, methods for shooting, work flow etc. They say it is important to show your work, and put yourself out there, allowing others to disapprove, make fun of or even giving others a chance to like something. I get this so... if in doing so allows me to better myself and my work, I am all for it.  I will of course keep myself and Kinsley as the main subjects, okay mostly Kinsley with a few appearances by "Da-Da." Really the only difference is that the stories will be shorter, and the photos will be larger!!!!!

Starting with Photos #1 and #2. Kinsley's first popsicle. Kinsley had just endured about an hour of "fend for yourself" as Kris and I did some deep cleaning around the house. I was so proud of her job well done, as her ability to play on her own is getting better and better. Her reward; a popsicle from who better than the ICE CREAM MAN!!! (yes, we live in a neighborhood where the ice cream man makes a daily appearance)


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